Thursday, May 12, 2011


So I made this blog in the year '06 and it has been 5 years since I've logged in my blogger account. I actually had this blog because I wanted to be "in" when I was like...a fifth grader? I ended up not using it though. I've been an avid reader of my best friend's blog ( because obviously, I can relate to each of his posts. I've always wanted to comment on the things he writes about but I can't 'cause I can't remember my blogger account's details. Well, I was wrong. I remembered. Yay me! and I can also comment on his posts now that I have my old blogger back hahahaha

I guess I'm gonna use my blogger to stalk on other's blogs. OR. i could post just like everyone of you! But ya'll know I'm very lazy and I have "ningas kugon". I'm only good in doing things only in the beginning. :/ But who knows? I'll try my best to blog. Maybe one day, my blog will be popular nationwide? or even worldwide? or even universewide? If there's such a thing as that.

I'll update soon. I promise.